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A Good Massage Can Resonate With You

When I am not massaging at my York based massage therapy practice, I spend some of my time getting treatments.  I have been for many massages from many different therapists in various countries.  It is a very interesting experience.  There are many different styles (eg Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage) and I would say, more importantly, each massage therapist has their own individual touch.  Some massages resonate with you more than others.

What does it mean when a massage “resonates”?  It is something which is best experienced.  It feels as if the massage therapist is in tune with you, as if they are really “listening” to your body, and massaging according to what you need – some areas will need a far gentler massage than others.  When there is a muscular knot, it is not just a matter of giving as firm as massage as the client can tolerate, but doing it with the right depth and sensitivity to release the knot.  When a more gentle touch is required, the massage therapist is able to tune into that.

It is up to the massage therapist to tailor their massage according to your needs.  When this is done well, the massage should resonate with you.