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Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage in York, UK

This gentle one-hour full body massage is designed to relax and de-stress you.

Warmed oil is massaged gently into your neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. This induces a deep feeling of relaxation, allowing any stresses to dissolve away, leading to a profound sense of well-being. People have described it as feeling like you’ve been wrapped in cotton wool and the reset button pressed on your body and mind.

A gentle, relaxing massage helps you to let go of stresses and free-up your body. It is perfect after a hard week at work or if you feel like treating yourself to some TLC.

This smooth, gentle massage often improves skin & muscle tone, reduces anxiety, reduces pain (including headaches and migraines), and results in better sleep. Why not pamper yourself?

Relaxation massage is a superb way to regain that inner balance and feel better all round.

Reiki can also be added to the treatment.

The cost of a one-hour treatment is £60.