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Sidebar Testimonials

“My RSI, which had receded into a dull ache, had more of a hold than I knew. I now realise just how tense I was.” – Carole P, Judge

“Brilliant! One of the best massages I’ve received. Thank you!” – Jenny T, Massage Therapist

“Amazing. I feel totally relaxed and pain free. Yippee!” – Sue G, Retired

“Fantastic! I was stressed and tense – now I’m cured in one session!”- Duncan S, Education Director

“Rakesh instinctively knew how much pressure to apply so that areas of tension were relaxed in a soothing way. I felt quite relaxed yet energised, and my head felt delightfully clear. It was as if all my stresses had just been drained away! Thank you Rakesh!” – Robert G, IT Consultant

“Awesome hands! I had such a bad back – pain deep from gym training. Rakesh has hit the spot – THANK YOU!” – Paul K, Bar Manager

“Worked very well. Uses his abilities to douse pain location. Has very good method. Uses unusual technique with good results. Feel more relaxed.” – Neil A, Civil Engineer

“Excellent – never had any massage before done before. Opened my eyes to a new helping hand. Thank you!” – Caroline H, Student

“This is the first time I have had a massage. I found it very relaxing and in just 30 minutes have found it has really helped. Would have another very soon. Many thanks.” – Sharleen W, Office Administrator

“Felt much more relaxed and grateful for a diagnosis of where problem areas are. Thanks very much!” – Wendy C

“Felt much easier afterwards!” – Marlene A, Retired

“Very thorough in neck area – perfect! Didn’t realise how much tension I had in my back either. Will consider having regular massage from now on!” – Tim M, Artist

“Very nice massage” – Lizzy H

“Amazing massage – reached deep areas!!” – Lesley P, Podiatrist

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