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“Unparalleled healing hands” – Jonathan Cainer, Celebrity Astrologer

“When you stand in the audience watching a band, and someone walks up to you and says ‘you have a painful knot in your neck on the left hand side’ it seems a little odd. When you have from time to time tried on that day to get rid of just such a knot; and have not actually seen or been seen by the man speaking to you, then you wonder how he can possibly know. But when that man is Rakesh Aggarwal, you have encountered an empath, an instinctive healer who can heal through the energy coming through his hands and heart when he listens to your body. This may come in the form of an intuitive massage. Highly recommended!”
– Arthur Brown, Rock Icon (The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown)

“This was one of the most natural treatments I have received. With no knowledge of my history and injuries due to a severe accident Rakesh identified all my bad areas and carried out one of the best treatments I have ever had and would recommend him to anybody.”
– Danny T, Property Developer

“My RSI, which had receded into a dull ache, had more of a hold than I knew. I now realise just how tense I was. Thank you and you are highly recommended.”
– Carole P, Judge

“Rakesh has a knack for spotting pent-up tension and helped to ease my neck and shoulder aches very efficiently.”
– Alison O, Translator

“Brilliant! Pressure was perfect and the areas with problems were worked well. Will have another treatment in future. One of the best massages I’ve received. Thank you!”
– Jenny T, Massage Therapist

“Amazing. I feel totally relaxed. Pain free. Yippee!”
– Sue G, Retired

“This was one of the most useful and helpful experiences I’ve had for my condition. The massage resonates after it has finished”
– Elaine M

“Fantastic! Incredibly stressed and tense – cured in one session!”
– Duncan S, Education Director

“Rakesh instinctively knew how much pressure to apply so that areas of tension were relaxed in a soothing way. I felt quite relaxed yet energised, and my head felt delightfully clear. It was as if all my stresses had just been drained away! Thank you Rakesh!”
– Robert G, IT Consultant

“Awesome hands! I had such a bad back – pain deep from gym training. Rakesh has hit the spot – THANK YOU!”
– Paul K, Bar Manager

“Worked very well. Uses his abilities to douse pain location. Has very good method. Uses unusual technique with good results. Feel more relaxed.”
– Neil A, Civil Engineer

“Extremely intuitive – Rakesh knew exactly where I needed tension releasing. Thankyou.”
– Jane

“Absolutely brilliant! Lovely massage. Just the right depth. Very gifted. Thankyou!”
– Julia H, Reflexologist

“Rakesh is very committed to his work as a masseur and is always willing to work with his clients. I found he was very open and keen to support me in a holistic way. He was very interested in my emotional wellbeing as well as the state of my body.”
– Maggie A, Teacher

“Feeling much free movement in shoulders – first time in a week!”
– Debbie W

“The pressure was perfect! A very beneficial massage. Thank you.”
– Joanne, Aromatherapist & Reflexologist

“Brilliant treatment, really good technique, naturally gifted!”
– Samantha W, Aesthetic Therapist

“Absolutely brill. Am going to recommend”
– Nance T, Medium

“Fantastic, not felt this relaxed in a very long time”
– R Beltah

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Certainly knew the spots where I have pain.”
– Julie C, Administrator

“Very deep & relaxing massage. Got into the stiff & aching joints to relieve the pain.”
– Christine C

“Very professional, very caring & nurturing.”
– Trudy E, Clerical Officer

“Uplifting and hopeful in myself. Thanks.”
– Ann M

“Wonderful. Very intuitive. Relaxing.”
– Valerie, Teacher

“I felt that your intuition was spot on & could feel emotional release as you connected to certain points on my back.”
– Tracey, Healer

“Really enjoyed treatment. Stress busting treatment. Picked up areas where I didn’t think I had tension. Very good treatment. Thankyou.”
– Claire C

“Rakesh has a knack for spotting pent-up tension and helped to ease my neck and shoulder aches very efficiently.”
– Alison O, Translator

“I enjoyed my massage. My back and shoulders were very stiff and I felt quite lethargic, but after a session with Rakesh they were much more flexible and I came away with a lot more energy.”
– Adrian L, NHS Manager (retired)

“Excellent – never had any massage before done before. Opened my eyes to a new helping hand. Thank you!”
– Caroline H, Student

“Neck pain gone. Very good. Thank you!”
– Dawn S, Housewife

“Feels much better. Neck pain has gone. Enjoyable. Very good. Many thanks.”
– Carol M, Librarian

“Feel fantastic. Neck and shoulders more loose. Thank you.”
– Carol S, Retired

“This is the first time I have had a massage. I found it very relaxing and in just 30 minutes have found it has really helped. Would have another very soon. Many thanks.”
– Sharleen W, Office Administrator

“Felt much more relaxed and grateful for a diagnosis of where problem areas are. Thanks very much!”
– Wendy C

“Felt much easier afterwards!”
– Marlene A, Retired

“Very thorough in neck area – perfect! Didn’t realise how much tension I had in my back either. Will consider having regular massage from now on!”
– Tim M, Artist

“Very nice massage”
– Lizzy H

“Amazing massage – reached deep areas!!”
– Lesley P, Podiatrist

“Excellent massage, reached my deepest inner points. Fabulous.”
– Barbara T

“Released the pain, thankyou”
– Jennie S, Counsellor

“Relaxing, very nice”
– Graham W, Gardener

“Just what I needed. Relieved quite a bit of upper back tension.”
– Paula F, Telebetting Agent

“Amazing practitioner. Feels really good. Right on my pressure points. Thank you.”
– R Jennings, Chi Kung Teacher

“Very interesting and energising. Definitely would have another.”
– Rebecca W, Sales Consultant

“A professional approach and considerate delivery.”
– James S

“I am a holistic therapist so I was very interested in the technique. I very much enjoyed the massage and would be very interested in more. Thank you very much!!!”
– Wendy G, Holistic Therapist

“Very, very relaxing. I have never had a massage before. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to have it done again.”
– Michelle R, Singer

“Wonderful – really helped”
– Pam B, Company Secretary

“Thank you – very relaxing.”
– Marie W, Hypnotherapist & Healer

“Brilliant. Sorted out my back twinges. Thank you.”
– Karen S, Therapist/Healer

“Marvellous. Sorted my shoulder out. Thanks.”
– John C, Electrician

“I feel much better after this treatment. All the tension has gone from my back.”
– Jude

“Very good session. Felt very relaxed and helped neck pain/tension.”
– Anna O

“Amazing. I feel great. Highly recommend Rakesh.”
– Steph S

“Very good indeed, very deep and thorough. Very informative and would definitely recommend! Thanks Rakesh!”
– Martyn L

“Beautiful! Very gentle & relaxing. Got to the spots it needed to. Thanks.”
– Sue E, Homeopath and Reiki Master

“Very good at getting to the root of tension”
– Chris W, Police Officer

“Excellent! Very relaxing but firm pressure which got rid of tension in neck & shoulder. Thank you.”
– Tracey B, Admin Clerk

“Very relaxing. Released the tension completely.”
– Laurine M, Acupuncturist

“Most relaxing & enjoyable”
– Phillip R, MRI Radiographer

“Wonderful, deep work.”
– Maggie P

“Fantastic massage, very deep. Thank you.”
– Helen T, Teacher


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