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Does Massage and Alternative Therapy Work?

As more and more studies into alternative therapies take place, it is being shown that many of these therapies (including massage) are highly effective. Often alternative therapies are used alongside conventional medicine (hence, many of these therapies are referred to as complementary therapies). As well as tackling other conditions, many alternative therapies (including massage) help to lower stress levels. I have found many times in my massage therapy practice in York that people will come to me with a physical complaint, and find that the massage helps to relieve stress as well. Stress can be very harmful – it often leads to serious diseases. Many people look to alternative ways to decrease stress as they feel medication can often be ineffective and/or the side-effects are undesirable. Massage can help the body to relax, allowing stress to ease away – reduced stress often leads to better health.

Flower arrangement with sunflower in wicker basket, York

Flower arrangement, York