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Getting A Massage On The Beach In Cuba

Whilst I was in Havana I was on the lookout for a decent massage, but I came across very few massage places, and virtually none of them appealed. However, my hunt for a massage was not to be in vain…

Just out of the city, east of where we were staying in Havana were stretches of beautiful beaches. By all accounts Playa Santa Maria was well worth visiting. A taxi there and back would have cost about £50. However, an all-day ticket for a hop-on, hop-off tour bus cost £4 each. We decided to take the tour bus…

It dropped us off near a hotel next to the beach. After exploring the area (which included a café and a number of stalls selling souvenirs of Cuba and Havana) we wondered down to the beach. We paddled in the water for a bit – it was lovely and warm.

As we were lying on the beach, gently sunning ourselves, a coconut vendor wondered past. I stopped him. He was selling coconuts with tops cut off, into which he inserted straws so you could drink the milk within. I bought one from him, asked for two straws, and my wife and I slowly sipped it whilst looking out to sea and over the beach, watching Habaneros enjoying their weekend.

Beach near Havana where I had a massage

Beach near Havana

After a while we decided to wander further down the beach. Whilst looking over the beach, people watching, I noticed what seemed to be a massage couch under a beach umbrella in the distance. As I got closer I was more certain it was a massage couch. We headed in that direction.

Sure enough, there was someone offering massage on the beach, under a beach umbrella to shield you from the sun’s rays. We communicated the best we could (the massage therapist did not speak English and I do not speak Spanish) but, as he was good natured and patient, I managed to get across that I would like a massage. Somehow, I also managed to communicate with him that I have a massage therapy practice in York.

Massage therapist offering massage at Playa Santa Maria

Massage therapist, Playa Santa Maria

After a day of wandering around, it was soothing to have a massage. It was deep without being too deep, and very relaxing. This massage therapist knew his stuff.

After the massage, we went to the café and had a bite to eat and something to drink before getting the bus back to central Havana.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day at the beach.