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Massage exchange

Exchanging massages can be very beneficial. Many couples will often massage each other. Not only does it enhance closeness, but this type of regular massage can also help with relaxation. You may find you have a talent for massage, which could manifest in helping your massage partner overcome physical problems such as stiff muscles or a tight neck. Never underestimate the power of touch – it can be quite an amazing thing. If you are new to massage it may be an idea to use long, gentle, flowing strokes to start with. As your partner relaxes, you could then try going a little deeper. It is not advisable to use baby oil, as many baby oils trap heat, which means if you are exposed to sunshine after a massage you may feel a burning sensation. In my massage therapy practice in York I tend to use almond oil. Sunflower oil is also a good oil to use.

Photo of birch tree with icicle, York

Birch tree, York