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Massage for artists

Many artists are truly dedicated to what they do. They often enter what is referred to as “the zone”. They are so caught up in what they are doing – be it painting, drawing, sculpting etc – that they do not notice time go by. What seems like minutes can, in fact, be hours. Some artists frequently forget to eat or drink, only realising the day has past when darkness falls. When they finally release themselves from their endeavours, they may well find that their back is aching from being in one position for so long. Often a niggle will develop which just will not go away. I have found in my massage therapy practice in York that this is where massage can be very helpful – it can release areas which have been under strain. The release can help the artist be more comfortable, allowing them to focus more intently on their work.

Photo of green creeper on allotment, York

Green creeper, York