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Pain can interrupt life, but massage can help

We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives. However, there are those who have had the misfortune to experience severe pain. It can be truly debilitating. There are many different types of pain – so much so that I often wonder if the word “pain” is a useless word as it alone does not allow us to adequately describe the unpleasant sensations we can go through. There can be sharp pains which can suddenly and randomly affect a specific part of your body and leave you breathless. These can be ongoing, dull pain which can wear you down and be exhausting. There are many other types of pain. I find that, in my York based massage practice, by listening to what my clients have to say and by paying careful attention to the areas I am massaging, I can bring relief and help my clients to function on a higher level.

Photo of Wackers, Gillygate, York

Wackers, York