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The Resonance Of Massage

Massage can really resonate with a person, giving deep relief. I have frequently found in my massage practice in York that massage can release emotions, which can then help on a much deeper level. Massage clients will often come along complaining of a neck, shoulder or back pain, or some other pain, but the origin lies much deeper. When massaging the affected area, I often find that by “listening” with sensitivity it is possible to reach a much deeper level. I have had clients complain of how an action at a particular time had caused them pain which they have not been able to get rid of since then. I have massaged the area, only to find that there were a set on emotional circumstances at that time which seem to have got locked into their body. It is only by massaging with sensitivity that I find it possible to help the body let go of the physical and emotional pain it has held on to, often for a long time.